Private, borderless, hosted by many, staked by some and owned by no one. Trusted identities in a trusted environment powered by a trustless system.

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MVP v1.0 Beta
MVP v2.0 Development
Airdrop 5 & Bonus Airdrop
ERC-20 Token Swap
POW to POS Transition

MVP v2.0 Beta
MVP v3.0 Development
Windows, Mac, Linux RPM Wallets
Masternode Network Launch
Network Staking Begins

Full POS Network and Staking
MVP v3.0 Beta
Early Adopter Onboarding

RepMe Network Alpha Release
Onboarding At Scale/Network Integration
iOs & Android Apps

RepMe Network Node Architecture

Repme Cryptocurrency Mining

The RepMe network will have two distinct types of network participants: Stakers and Masternodes


RepMe holders can receive a share of the block rewards by staking tokens from their desktop wallet. The popular crypto token Bitcoin has taken the initiative to attract its users by offering rewards. It expands the reach of crypto users and allows them to reap the benefits of crypto and crypto trading. If you want to get direct exposure in crypto trading, choosing trading bots like bitcoin billionaires would be a wise decision. To know more about it, visit and get good returns from crypto trading. This allows for broad participation and a truly decentralized network that is underpinned by the values of its users and community.


A set of incentivized nodes responsible for handling specialized tasks on the network. These Masternodes will assist in creating near-instant transaction times, coin mixing and network governance.

Anonymous & Private

The RepMe Network is focused on taking back control of your network and how you interact within it--and this means the ability to manage who sees what. If privacy is important to you, RPM can be sent and received totally anonymously.

Near-Instant Transactions

We want our network to be as fast and seamless as your human interactions are. With RepMe’s 60-second block times, you can transact in real-time.

Environmentally Friendly

Doing away with incredibly wasteful POW, RPM’s POS consensus is an eco-friendly alternative that is not only secure, but ensures the longevity of the network well into the future.

Community Driven

The RepMe Network is nothing without its community and network participants. From our block reward structure to governance models, control rests with the people who care most about the success of the project.

Coin Ticker


Max Supply

100,000,000,000 RPM

Block Time

60 Seconds



PoS Blocks

Starting from 201

Estimated Masternode Collateral

20,000,000 RPM


The team has run some informal polling across a broad spectrum of developers in order to determine how to best secure the network. There is both quantity and quality of nodes to consider and potential tiering in order to address the breadth and depth of potential assignments. While not entirely unanimous, there is consensus that accessibility to nodes makes for a healthy network environment. At this juncture, we are estimating that masternodes will require 20,000,000 RPM coins. While that is subject to change, we consider the 20,000,000 number to be a reasonable guideline for entry.


Block Explorer

Full-featured block explorer with network statistics and difficulty



RepMe has made the decision to move strictly into the satoshi market and we are always on the lookout for regulatory compliant exchanges. People can now buy and sell Bitcoins through a number of exchanges that have partnered with regulated exchanges and brokers. Check out, which covers everything you need to know about the bitcoin code automated trading platform, which allows you to buy bitcoin directly and trade bitcoin automatically. Exchanges act as arteries that require capital; as volume and support grow, so shall our listings.